Rossland Museum & Discovery Centre Conceptual Plan
With the permanent closure of the underground mine tour in 2012, the RMDC has been planning a new mine experience within the building, as well as a rethink of their indoor exhibits and collections.​​​​​​​
One by One helped develop an interpretive/exhibits approach that acknowledges Rossland’s origins as a mining town, but has since developed into a world-class hub of recreation. It is a richly woven story, and being headquartered in Rossland gave One by One a unique perspective and invaluable insight into the approach.
One by One also developed the graphic approach and graphic typical layouts for the core exhibit hall as well as the revamped mine tunnel experience.
Graphic Typical Layouts
The following images show a selection of graphic typical layouts used to define the overall look and feel of the graphics.
Document Excerpts
The images below are excerpts from the Conceptual Interpretive and Exhibition Plan document. The sketches show the graphics integrated into their surrounding environment (linework by Double Dare Design).
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