Stanford University Makerspaces​​​​​​​

Stanford University's FabLearn Labs are a growing network of educational digital fabrication spaces around the world. These labs, developed in collaboration with K12 schools and university partners internationally, put digital fabrication and other cutting-edge technology for design and construction into the hands of middle and high school students.​​​​​​​
One by One was approached by members of Stanford University's Transformative Learning Technologies Laboratory (TLTL) team to develop ideas that could be put to use in these budding student makerspaces. Emphasis was on unique storage solutions that would be accessible and could double as display for materials and student creations.​​​​​​​
A modular concept that utilizes boxes for both storage and seating. Boxes can be mounted on a wheeled base for easy transport, and topped with a cushioned lid for comfort. A wall shelf is built to hold the boxes when not in use and double as a display.
This highly customizable solution uses pegs and a grid of holes to allow for flexible storage and display. Drilled whiteboards/corkboards/chalkboards can be added and pegs can be affixed to the table to secure work.
The client asked for a way of displaying work from previous classes as a source of inspiration. This concept allows for display of (mostly) flat work, arranged by year.
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